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UV LED Light Guide Curing Systems


Product Description and Features            


Spot UV LED curing system-controller: Specification


Light head quantity 1-8 unit light heads
UV Irradiation The system allows for individual use of each ligh head. The system allows for use of light heads together. 
Irradiation spot Available in 2-20mm
Irradiation distance Refer to light head specification
Drive mode Manual, automatic, foot pedal
Power range 10-100%
Luminous power Refer to light head specification
Cooling method Natural heat release or fan cooling
Supply voltage 100-240V AC / 50/60HZ
Power consumption <50VA
Display LCD Display
Operate Switch settings / Key lock
External Control RS232
Temperature / humidity range Controller: 0-35°C 85% or less (no condensation)


Product Description and Features: LED HEAD



Circular Spot Serial No.  ISHL02 ISHL03 ISHL04 ISHL05
  Spot distance 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
  Suggested distance 8mm 10mm 14mm 16mm
  Serial No. ISHL06 ISHL08 ISHL10 ISHL12
  Spot size 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
  Suggested distance 17mm 27mm 25mm 25mm
  Serial No. ISHL15      
  Spot size 15mm      
  Sugested distance 35mm      
Linear Spot Serial No. ISHL15S SIHL20S    
  Spot size 3-15mm 5-20mm    
  Suggested distance 11m 17mm    
Side Spot Serial No. ISHL06SV ISHL08SV ISHL10SV  
  Spot size 6mm 8mm 10mm  
  Suggested distance 5mm 14mm 12mm  


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