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We offer an extensive range of UV curing equipment lamps and UV LED curing systems which can be used manually or in semi or fully automated production environments. 

Our UV LED curing systems offer -

- High intensity light curing capabilities with typical cures speeds of between 5-10 seconds
- High performance
- Compact, lightweight, and durable
- Fan cooled for temperature management
- Instant on/off function – no warming up time and therefore reduced down time
- Very high intensity outputs
- Compact and light weight
- Superior product life span – up to 20,000 working hours
- No heat or infrared generated
- Safe for use in any production environment – ozone free, mercury free, no UVC-UVB radiation
- No replacements parts required
- Can be used in hand held applications or mounted for production lines
- Suitable for working with all types of substrates
- Available in different wavelengths including 365nm and 395nm


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