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Optimax® UV Cured Epoxy resin system offers high strength, fast cure and excellent adhesion to a wide range of manufacturing substrates. Once cured, it is semi-rigid and has excellent environmental and chemical resistance. It is ideal for Glob Top applications such as bonding, coating, potting, laminating, fixing and sealing. Excellent results are achieved with substrates such as -

Features include:                      

Optimax® Grade Description Viscosity Cps @ 25oC Specific Gravity Shore Hardness Operating Temp. range Cure Nm

Optimax® 8047 is a specialised UV cured epoxy resin designed for demanding manufacturing applications. Optimax® 8047 is a filled, low shrinkage, light curing epoxy adhesive that offers low CTE and high bond strength. Optimax® 8047 cures to a high bond strength polymer with excellent adhesive to metals, ceramics, and glass. This epoxy was specifically designed as a glob top encapsulant for smart card applications and encapsulations of chip modules. Optimax®8047 is free of solvents, has high ionic purity, and is resistant to moisture and humidity. This epoxy cures quickly under LED and UVA light.

Optimax® 8047 bonds in seconds under UV light and provides tough impact resistant adhesion to both flexible and rigid substrates.

  • One-Part UV system
  •                                            RoHS & REACH Compliant                                        
  •                                Halogen Free (IEC 61249-2-21)                                   
  • Adhesion to a wide range of manufacturing substrates
  • High bond strength  
  • Excellent environmental, chemical, humidity and water-resistant properties
5000-7000 1.37 65D -50 / +150°C 365


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