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In accordance with Military Defence Standards and Specifications, and within our UV range of adhesives, we offer our Optimax® UV-951509.

This Optimax® grade conforms to Military specification 810-G and is ideal for a large range of applications, in particular-


Optimax® Grade Description Viscosity Shore Hardness

Meets MIL SPEC 810-G

Optimax® UV 951509 is a high viscosity, cure-on-demand structural UV adhesive suitable for bonding polycarbonate, engineered plastics, glass and metal based substrates. Optimax® 951509 has been formulated to reduce surface tack caused by oxygen inhibition. The product can be used for wire tacking on PCB’s as well as ruggedisation of components. Ultimate strength. Highly flexible.

This product requires direct UV or visible light exposure during cure. Optimax® 951509 provides tough impact resistant adhesion to both flexible and rigid substrates. Optimax® 951509 has a dual-cure PI system and will cure in the region 300-415nm.

17,200 45A


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